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NOUS: A Practical Guide to Clear Thought
(The Presocratics used "nous" to mean knowledge and reason, for Plato it was the rational part of the soul, and for Aristotle it meant the intellect.)

This is my originally developed signature course. It is presented as a series of four independent two-hour sessions, as follows:


Session #1: Foundations and Abdications

Clear thinking begins with adopting the right attitude, captured in the acronym SEX. Find out what this means. But many people do worse than start on the wrong foot, they give up thought altogether. Discover the subtle ways by which this abdication is disguised. You may be (unconsciously, of course) guilty of it too!


Session #2: “Finger the Fallacy”

A fallacy is a bad argument that is often accepted as a good one. The most popular ones number about 40, and can be categorized into five groups. Discover what these fallacies are—so you can reject them when you meet them, or think of them. Prepare to be shocked.


Session #3: “Conquer the Question”

Do questions make you confused or panicked? Take heart. All questions fit one or more of six basic question forms, each with its own solution methods or heuristics. Learn what all these are, and you can give every question (and whoever asked it) a run for its money.


Session #4: “Assess the Argument”

An assertion without a good argument rests on quicksand. But what is a good argument? You’ll be relieved to know that all arguments fit one or more of five basic argument forms. Understand these forms, and you can correctly assess (or fatally attack) any argument—and formulate only good ones.


Session #5: “Sharpen your skill

An assortment of real life examples with which to sharpen your skill.


Price: $50 per head per hour (personal); $75 per head per hour (corporate)


Place and Time: Arranged to mutual convenience.
Free 45-minute previews can be arranged for groups or companies.

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