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Philosophy Caf was in Singapore

See also singaporephilosopher


Hi, welcome to this gathering place for all philosophers, by which I mean anyone who wants to rationally and rigorously pursue the truth.

My name is Lau Kwong Fook, and I am hosting this cafe (since October 2003) because I have made it my life purpose to create gardens of rational thought in the jungle of irrationality that surrounds us. I hold an MA in Philosophy, and an MBA from the University of Canterbury; I taught Philosophy for several years in University of Singapore, Joint Campus, National University of Singapore, and American College. Also, I have been a corporate animal for 25 years. This means I philosophise in a real world context, rather than just play word games.

Philosophy cafe is ended -- it is impossible to maintain a disciplined discussion.

 A philosophy cafe is ...

  • A place where all your ideas are taken seriously
  • An adventure you should try at least once in your life.
  • A time to wonder if unicorns are real
  • A time to answer queries you never thought you had
  • A chance to rediscover the child in you.
  • A trek to explore the world of ideas.
  • A time to reactivate a mind deadened by routine.
  • A garden of reason in a jungle of pride and prejudices.
  • A time when ignorance is an asset
  • A chance to discover your own thoughts.
  • A workout for your mind
  • A chance to study life, death, between and beyond
  • An opportunity to travel at the speed of thought
  • An act that is better than sex -- and you don't have to be at least 16.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Philosophy cafe is a concept, which means it is portable. Individuals, groups or organisations interested in experiencing it are welcome to contact me to arrange for a free demonstration.



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