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Conventional wisdom has no freshness, no uniqueness, and no novelty -- no fun at all. Here are some of my terrifying thoughtlets (a la cutlets and nuggets), which I fondly call Fookisms. Enjoy!

Only fools are easily inspired.
Legal majority entitles one to stop using terms of subsmission.
Life is to be survived, not understood.
Conversation with an omniscient is impossible.
Poverty is too useful to the rich to ever be eradicated.
Love makes a child out of you.
Since nobody will agree with the independent thinker, the independent thinker need to speak what others can understand.
Infatuation is unfulfilled love. Love is fulfilled infatuation.
Deduction rests on induction.
"The truth hurts" does not imply "If it hurts, it's true."
License parenthood.
License voters.
Flights of fancy avoid the risk of reality.
Machines don't need jobs, people do.
Humility is not a virtue; honesty is.
Entropy dooms clarity to obscurity.
Cap corporate size.
Cap personal income.
Legal majority empowers one to call one's elders by name.
He who worships the computer worships an idiot.
Disagreement does not equate disapproval.
Everyone has the right to be wrong.
Most must fail, so the few can succeed.
Life requires hope -- which is false.
The only way to prove shit exists is to let it hit the fan.
Persuasion is immoral.
The 4 Rs: reading, writing, arithmetic, reasoning.
Obfuscation and circumlocutions are the keys to success in academia.
The trouble with organised religion is recruitment.
Capitalism breeds laziness.
Once webicised, forever stolen.
True despair is better than false hope.
Low prices are produced by slave labour.
Aided reproduction weakens the gene pool.
Optimists prefer comfort, pessimists prefer discomfort, realists prefer truth.
Philanthropists are too rich.
Debate closes the mind.
War is a fallacy -- the argumentum ad baculum.
Love is located in motivation, not in behaviour.
Evil will triumph, because it has no scruple.
Fresh meat on display naturally attracts wolves.
The examined life is also not worth living.
Life is a habit.
To survive, species evolve mutants -- and societies evolve individuals.
Globalisation means always competing against the world's cheapest supplier.
Humour is either a joke or a waste of time.
Judicious gullibility is more important than rampant scepticism.
To have a life plan, you need a lifespan.
Those who feed a giant will become its dinner.
The only meaningful statement is none.
Managers call meetings just so that someone will talk to them.
Employment is a euphemism for slavery.
True commitment involves no covenant.
Groom: Necessary accessory in a woman's wedding.
An educated guess is a guess made by an educated person.
Work is what happens between the in-tray and the out-tray.
People engage in meaningless work so as to distract themselves from thinking about their meaningless lives.
Man will destroy gods -- with therapeutic cloning.
Opinion and analysis differ only in their authors' credentials and affiliations.
Thought produces opinions. Opinions end thought.
Ideally, die healthy and poor.
Natural evil is when man gets in the way of nature's majesty.
The point of life is to die respecting oneself.
The mind is a voluntary organ. Nobody can persuade you against your wishes.
Perseverance creates either success or stupidity.
The only thing we learn from history is that we don't. Ignore it.
A fair day's work for a fair day's pay.
Family is a society's building block, and an individual's prison.
Parenthood should cease upon the child's attaining majority.
We live in the truest universe we can create, as does the earthworm.
The cause of all the world's problems: people trying to control other people's behaviour.
When you meet a closed mind, walk away.
Polls measure popularity, not truth or right.
Posthumous success is failure.
Technology has improved; humanity has not.
The human experiment is a failure.
The problem with having an independent mind is nobody agrees with you.
Life is its own justification.
Many women get married just to have a wedding.
Almost everyone lives an anonymous life and dies an anonymous death. Don't try so hard to leave a legacy.
Possibility is an euphemism for ignorance.
Potential is an euphemism for the unknown future.
Philosophers fear answers. They think they'll run out of interesting questions.
Ideology is the principle of those without pragmatism;
Pragmatism is the principle of those without ideology.

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