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I am constantly scouring the web for interesting books, articles, websites etc. that pertain to philosophy.  Come back often to see them.




Web Links
To find out which philosopher comes closest to the way you think, visit these philosophy selector sites:
The Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy offers many and highly informative entries on philosophy. The lay reader may find the entries too long for his needs, but should be able to understand them even without formal philosophy training.
The International Encyclopaedia of Philosophy is similar. Good source for a second opinion.
Here's a site that allows you to test your "tension quotient" -- a measure of how consistent your beliefs are. My tension quotient was 27 percent.
Philosophy as a service industry, or, Reintroducing the Philosophical Life. This excellent paper argues that philosophy must reconnect with real life. I fully agree. Hence my philosophy cafe. But be warned: it is a long paper.

Philosophical cartoons

Great site, but you need to know some philosophy before you can appreciate the jokes.



Squashed philosophy

Shortened versions of original great philosophical works. Saves lots of time from reading the "real thing", but without losing their flavour.



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