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Here are the topics we have discussed previously.

25/3/9     Is keeping wild animals in captivity a good idea?
18/3/9     Does technology affect the quality of a relationship?
Jul 2008      What makes a question important?
Jun  2008     [session cancelled]
May 2008     An eclectic conversation
Apr  2008     Should childbirth be outsourced?
Mar  2008     Which road do I take?
Feb  2008     Do all religions have the same idea of God?
                   Why is there pain and suffering?
Jan  2008     Should art celebrate decay?
Dec 2007      Is it worth it to be single in this day and age?
                    Is it possible to wander aimlessly?
Nov 2007     Is getting married without love justified?
Oct  2007     Is cybersex wrong?
Sep 2007     Should men prefer younger women?
Aug 2007     Is cybersex morally wrong?
Jul  2007     What is the difference between belief and truth?
Jun 2007     What is the meaning to human existence?
May 2007     Do most motivational programmes help?
Apr 2007     How can a person be always in his real existence?
Mar 2007     What is the attraction of being anonymous in the Internet?
Feb 2007     Do you need to be evil to stay alive?
Jan 2007     [session cancelled]
Dec 2006     [session cancelled]
Nov 2006     [session cancelled]
Oct 2006     [session cancelled]
Sep 2006     [session cancelled]
Aug 2006     Is life a terminal STD?
Jul 2006     Should we take the blue pill?
Jun 2006     Should ugly people exist?
                  Are poor artists better than rich bankers?
May 2006     Is religion entertainment for the masses?
Apr 2006     What is the price of sperms and eggs?
Mar 2006     Is madness defined by society?
Feb 2006     Can money buy love?
Jan 2006     Are there crimes without victims?
Dec 2005     Does philosophy apply to the pleasure of drinking coffee?
Nov 2005     What is a worker's life worth?
Oct 2005     What constitutes exploitation?
Sep 2005     Are emotions social luxuries we can do without?
Aug 2005     Have we the right to seek truth no matter where the search leads?
Jul 2005     Is environmentalism necessary?
Jun 2005     Is mind worth preserving?
May 2005     Do women need men in the 21st century?
Apr 2005     Why is bullshit necessary or important?
Mar 2005     What's so bad about death?
Feb 2005     Does human life have value?
Jan 2005     Should B be fired?
Dec 2004     Is heterosexuality logical, or merely necessary?
Nov 2004     What is love?
Oct 2004     What is living life to the fullest?
Sep 2004     Is there life after death?
Aug 2004     What is romantic love?
Jul 2004     What makes art art?
Jun 2004     What is the meaning of life?
May 2004     [notes lost]
Apr 2004     [notes lost]
Mar 2004     [notes lost]
Feb 2004     [notes lost]
Jan 2004     [notes lost]
Dec 2003     [notes lost]
Nov 2003     Is life about goals or processes?
Oct 2003     How can we really know?

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